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Graphic Design

06 Feb Because Love is in the Air…


When you know it’s February 5th, but your clients haven’t quite finalized the Valentines Special just yet…and you know that all the retailers have been putting out VDay stuff since January 2nd!!!  As their quick thinking Social Media EXPERT…and PHOTOSHOP GURU, you throw up this cute but not over the top filler on Facebook while we wait for the real icing on the cake!

For all of my Brow & Beauty conscious Portland and Lake Oswego associates, call the Brow Boutique at 503.699.9999 and ask for the upcoming Valentines Specials…tell them Ahlam sent you for an even LOVELIER deal <3

gift certificates available at the brow boutique

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05 Feb Lustrous Summer Skin is made in the Winter. Start hydrating your skin Now!

Winter campaigns for Chemical Peels, Microderms, Microneedling, and Signature Facials at the Brow Boutique

or any Beauty and Spa Salons, during the winter to have great skin in the summer, is to have customers thinking about skin care ALL YEAR LONG.  Brainstorming non-traditional ways to bring in new clients are always essential when hiring Bloggers, SEO specialists, or Social Media Specialists.  They need to know what is trending and stay ahead of the season. This is an advertisement for an Eyebrow Threading Bar that also offers Skincare treatments.  So I want to target those keyphrases and keywords into their Social Media campaign.  It works, and it boosts visibility, website hits, and best of all…revenue.


Book your appointments for Chemical Peels, Microderms, Microneedling, and Signature Facials and get a headstart on your summer skin TODAY! 503. 699.9999 or visit

microneedling microderm signature facials

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08 Jan ONE4ONE

Good morning my Lovelies!  On my One4one page, I explain what this is and why I believe in helping others.  Success can only beget success and I trust that whomever receives help will undoubtedly pay it forward.  Well, thankfully, I just received my first client for the year.  We will be working on her new business (I will share when the project is completed) setting up social media, and plugging in SEO with new Loan2 and Panda4’s updates.  As I said before, content is crucial with Google’s new search algorithms, and knowing what all this means isn’t really important to you, as long as the person working on your website keeps these things in mind when planning and designing a new layout.  

With that said, I am accepting one new client to participate in my One4One program and will provide a basic website with SEO in place as well as content and social media coaching, to one deserving person.  All submission requirements are listed on the page  **You must like and share this post to be considered.



submissions to one4one


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