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06 Feb Because Love is in the Air…


When you know it’s February 5th, but your clients haven’t quite finalized the Valentines Special just yet…and you know that all the retailers have been putting out VDay stuff since January 2nd!!!  As their quick thinking Social Media EXPERT…and PHOTOSHOP GURU, you throw up this cute but not over the top filler on Facebook while we wait for the real icing on the cake!

For all of my Brow & Beauty conscious Portland and Lake Oswego associates, call the Brow Boutique at 503.699.9999 and ask for the upcoming Valentines Specials…tell them Ahlam sent you for an even LOVELIER deal <3

gift certificates available at the brow boutique

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05 Feb Lustrous Summer Skin is made in the Winter. Start hydrating your skin Now!

Winter campaigns for Chemical Peels, Microderms, Microneedling, and Signature Facials at the Brow Boutique

or any Beauty and Spa Salons, during the winter to have great skin in the summer, is to have customers thinking about skin care ALL YEAR LONG.  Brainstorming non-traditional ways to bring in new clients are always essential when hiring Bloggers, SEO specialists, or Social Media Specialists.  They need to know what is trending and stay ahead of the season. This is an advertisement for an Eyebrow Threading Bar that also offers Skincare treatments.  So I want to target those keyphrases and keywords into their Social Media campaign.  It works, and it boosts visibility, website hits, and best of all…revenue.


Book your appointments for Chemical Peels, Microderms, Microneedling, and Signature Facials and get a headstart on your summer skin TODAY! 503. 699.9999 or visit

microneedling microderm signature facials

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21 Jul Got Sugar?

If you are in need of a sugaring supplier, Lilis Honey Wax has the best stuff we found locally and we have tried them all.  My friend Annie has been making wax for  over 30 years and uses a traditional family Persian recipe.  Her wax is great for all hair types, especially thick mediterranean hair types and is safe to use all over the body.  Shoot me an email at if you are interested in buying in bulk, and I will seriously hook you up with my own personal discount!


sugaring with lilies honey wax 

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21 Jul Sugaring a sweet summer….

It’s been a hot summer so far in Portland and Lake Oswego! We’ve had a couple of heat waves that had us all finding ways to keep cool! The Brow Boutique has been busy sugaring a sweet summer by keeping our beautiful clients smooth, silky, and soft. Sugaring is the natural alternative to waxing. It doesn’t damage or burn the skin, is made of all natural ingredients, it gently exfoliates the skin while removing hairs from all parts of the body from sideburns, arms, bikini, and legs. If you haven’t tried sugaring, its just like waxing…only better. Call 503.699.9999 and book an appointment. You won’t regret it. Tell them Sisterfy sent you and receive 25% off your first sugaring service!


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02 Feb Love yourself first, this Valentines Day!

I love photography, so I found myself in the beautiful Brow Boutique located in central Lake Oswego. I brought my camera with me and started taking pictures and ended up with this gorgeous shot.  Taken with my Canon 70d, 85mm lens.  I love using my own photography when creating ads for different campaigns.  I don’t always use my own images, but when I do, you’ll surely hear about it!

p.s. after the photoshoot, I was treated to a facial and another microneedling session…this stuff is literally like traveling in a time machine.  Now if I can only find a time machine to photograph, I’d create a new microneedling ad in a heartbeat!  <3



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14 Jan The new Microneedling campaign…because I swear by it!

I am so totally convinced that collagen induction therapy a.k.a microneedling works!  Everyone should give it a shot.  Does it hurt?  Heck yes!  But that’s what the numbing cream is for.  You put it on, wait 20 minutes then my Bae uses the Dermapen as her magic wand and does her thing.  After it is done, like immediately, no lie, my skin is like really really tight. It stings a bit for about 30 minutes, and there is some redness, but it fades after about an hour.   Sometimes I peel the next day, and sometimes I don’t, but the results are instant.  I usually wait about 4 -6 weeks between treatments.  I used to have a lot of dark pigment on my cheek bones, and they are fading. I wash with black soap, and moisturize with coconut oil…that’s about it!




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14 Jan Microneedling

Okay, so I know that I’m a graphic designer by trade, so why the heck would I write a blog about Microneedling?  Well, I am a skeptic when it comes to anything claiming to make me, a) skinny in 10 days or b) look younger overnight.  I’ve tried them all and none of them work…Accept MICRONEEDLING! GET THE 411 ON MICRONEEDLING, and go get it done at the Brow Boutique!  P.S. She lets me design whatever I want!


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